North Atlantic Right Whale

(Eubalaena glacialis)

Average size: 14 meters (46 feet) and 63 tonnes (140,000 pounds)

Appearance: They have a stocky black body that may have white patches. North Atlantic right whales do not have a dorsal (top) fin and they have short pectoral (side) fins. Their tails are broad with a deep notch in the middle of the two flukes (two sides of the tail). Individuals can be identified by unique white calluses on their heads
Worldwide conservation status Critically Endangered

U.S. conservation status: Endangered

New York conservation status: Species of Greatest Conservation Need; also see current Unusual Mortality Event

Vocalizations: These whales produce distinct low-frequency moans, short “gunshot” grunts, and short “whoops” that go up in pitch known as “upcalls”