The map and graphics below illustrate whale detections in near real-time, check back often to see which species have been detected!

Map Observations

This map shows the locations of the WCS, WHOI, and Equinor near real-time acoustic buoys within the New York Bight in relation to the New York and New Jersey coasts, shipping lanes (dashed pink lines, with traffic separation scheme shaded pink), and North Atlantic right whale Seasonal Management Areas (shaded blue). See the species detected in the last 24 hours by looking at the circles around each yellow buoy. The color of the circle indicates what species were detected in the last 24 hours: gray (no species), green (fin whales), blue (humpback whales), red (North Atlantic right whales), orange (sei whales), or a combination of colors. If the circle is only one color (green, blue, red, or orange), then only a single species was detected. For example, if the circle is blue, then only humpback whales were detected. If the circle has a combination of colors, then more than one species was detected, and each colored segment of the circle represents the proportion of near-real time detections for that specific species.

Days of Observations
Monthly Totals
Detections by Hour
Relative Detections by Month
Detections Within the Last 30 Days